Help me to help a Ugandan family…


Hope you guys are well.

So, as many of you know I have been to Uganda a couple of times now.

Today this post is about me helping to fundraise for a wonderful Ugandan family who I met the last two times I have been there and have kept in close contact with, building a wonderful relationship with them.

The young mother of this family is incredibly talented and she has hand-made a variety of products which I will present to you today. The products range in price and creativity.

If you have any interest in purchasing any of these products, please feel free to email me on, or if you have other contact details for me then feel free to contact me that way.

It will hugely be appreciated and bless this family loads.

I know Mother’s day has just gone. But there are birthdays, and occasions which I am sure these items will be great as gifts for. (To the men reading this today thinking that this is not relevant to you, you can always surprise a female friend or relative with a gift 🙂 )

Coincidentally posting this on International Women’s day! Let’s really appreciate this beautiful and talented woman! Bonuses of purchasing these products; they are incredibly unique, you probably won’t find anyone else in the UK with the same design as this, also 100% of proceeds go straight to Uganda.

I myself have a variety of beautiful handmade Ugandan items, including one of the cute bags. So God bless y’all. Below I’ll show pictures of the items with [suggested] prices. If anyone feels led to donate more than the asking price, that will be a huge blessing. However, you are also more than welcome to pay the asking price.


The prices of these beautiful bags are £28 each.

 This pretty cool laptop bag is only £9

In this picture we have another laptop bag with a bit more vibrant colours (the red one) and design (same price as above), as well as two tablet cases, which are priced at £4… just £4!


In this picture there is a selection of all the jewellery available to buy. The bowl which they are presented in can be bought separately. 

This is a picture of each piece of Jewellery. Prices; Bracelets £6, Earrings £5 (so, the pearl looking items at the top right hand corner, include a matching bracelet, necklace and earrings… they are the only earrings available), Cream Necklace £9, Chunky Beaded Necklace £18.


I appreciate that this is not the most close up picture, however, I wanted to take a better one today, but then my phone suffered water damage…today and my camera is no longer working.

Here we have to really cool, beautiful fruit bowls, or bowls for whatever you want them to be, as you saw above I put the jewlerry in them for the purposes of the photo. These are £6 each.


This nice Shopper Bag is only £11.


Thanks for viewing my blog today. Please share this with people who may be interested 🙂

My email for enquiries and requests to buy:


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