I’ve learnt… (it was worth the wait) ♡

I’ve learnt… that I’m beautiful…

“I’m what?”

(says the inner me; the shy me; the one who was never told of her true beauty…)

I’m beautiful.

I may be slow to learn; after 24 years. But I’ve learnt.

I’ve learnt… that they’re not staring because of my beauty…

But girls are few, so why not take in this view…

“If we propose this thing to her, let’s see what she might do”.

I’ve learnt… that kindness is free, and is required of me – God says give freely.

I’ve learnt… that happiness doesn’t = joy, for joy is of the spirit

I’ve learnt… it’s good to travel

I’ve learnt…that there is an undeniable need for God in the human heart

I’ve learnt… that He is, He definitely was, and He will come.

I’ve learnt… that judging a book by it’s cover, will lead you to cover your mind… you first need to discover

I’ve learnt… [that] people are precious

I’ve learnt… [that] ‘you never really understand a person until you put yourself in their shoes & walk around a bit’

I’ve learnt…[that] faith without works is dead!

I’ve learnt… it is in giving that we receive

I’ve learnt… there is no-one like you Lord

I’ve learnt…that God is faithful

I’ve learnt…that I never would have made it, without you

I’ve learnt…that I’m Gracefully broken

I’ve learnt…I’m strong when I am weak

I’ve learnt…the world needs me to spend time with God

I’ve learnt…encouraging others is free, and

I’ve learnt…it’s a deep-rooted part of me.

I’ve learnt…to walk in my gifting.

I’ve learnt…that life is short… so live well in the sight of God, Love lavishly, Give graciously

I’ve learnt…to pursue that which I love

I’ve learnt…to stand for what I believe in

I’ve learnt…to love myself as I love others

I’ve learnt…to be honest with myself

I’ve learnt…not to neglect my own needs

I’ve learnt…that I’m important (to me)

I’ve learnt…when I’m alone, I’m not really alone

I’ve learnt…despite my mistakes, God will make something beautiful out of me

I’ve learnt…that God is ever-present in the times that I’m feeling low

I’ve learnt… to seek God when I feel rejected, alone & empty

I’ve learnt… that you don’t really know a people until you know them culturally and historically

I’ve learnt that being by myself enables me to be me…

a bit of an introvert trait…

that I learnt a bit late

…it was worth the wait!

I’ve learnt…though the seasons change,

Though people change

Though feelings change

Your Love remains

I’ve learnt…although we may not always agree,

The ability to articulate ourselves clearly, is important beyond belief(s) – pun intended

No need to be offended…

Life goes on.

I’ve learnt…it was worth travelling 32 hours from South London to East Africa

I’ve learnt…it was worth the tears… the confusion

I’ve learnt…it was worth hearing ‘no matches found’ upon arrival at Entebbe Airport

I’ve learnt…it was worth the 4 hour drive

I’ve learnt…it was worth sitting on the gearbox… squashed up next to a man who made me feel uncomfortable

I’ve learnt…it was worth being misheard, and taken to the wrong place, the morning I was travelling back to Patongo

I’ve learnt… it was for the good, that English was understood & I was dropped to the right place, to see people with smiles on their face – they just gained another customer.

I’ve learnt…it was worth feeling down so God could lift me up

I’ve learnt…it was worth wanting to leave 2 weeks into the trip

I’ve learnt…it was worth the wait…

I’ve learnt…that this is going to be so much more powerful than what I’ve experienced…

because experienced leads us to an experience

I’ve learnt… to share what I’ve learnt.

Hide it for who?

For others won’t have a clue… just what I have gone through

I’ve learnt… that every lesson is a blessing if you choose to see the message.



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